New Referral Program!


Refer a Friend | Get Rewarded

Vancity Electric is very excited to roll out our client referral program. For a long time now, we have wanted to find a way to truly thank those that refer business to us (A vital component to our business). Whether it’s adding a light fixture, lighting for a renovation, a new home or commercial project, every single referral is incredibly important to us.

To thank you, we will be using a 4 level reward system that ensures that every single referral (no matter how many times you refer) is rewarded. That’s how much we appreciate you!

We have joined a platform called “Guusto”, a neat appreciation tool that allows us to send gifts to you via e-mail that can be redeemed at an enormous list of partner merchants.

Curious what you can pick from? Click below!

For every successful referral, we will determine the level of reward based on the size of the project. For those quick in-and-out service calls, look forward to a coffee on us with a Starbucks gift card right to your inbox. As the job size grows, so do the rewards, ranging from $25-$750 in gift cards or a prepaid Mastercard.

So, how do you refer somebody?

Simply complete the Referral Form below or have your referral contact us and mention your name.

Name *
Include the name and e-mail of your referral(s) in this field. Any additional information is appreciated!

If you don’t have a referral at the moment to share with us, but you would like to share your positive experience with your network of friends in hopes to gain one, please feel free to save the below image and include this image with your social media post.



Make it a grande please! Enjoy a coffee on us with a $5 Starbucks card right in your inbox.



The shopping options are endless with a $25 gift card to en enormous selection of vendors! Click the button to the left to see the options!


Reap the benefits with a $250 gift card (or prepaid Mastercard) to a wide variety of vendors from restaurants and stores to flights and activities!



As the ultimate THANK YOU, you will receive a $750 in the form of a gift card or prepaid Mastercard. Plan a relaxing weekend away, buy those golf clubs, get that ipad, whatever you decide!