Home Generator Installation


Home Generator Installation

It goes without saying, we need power in our home for many things, from the heat in our home to keeping the food in our fridge cold.

Vancity Electric is excited to offer a Back-up Home Generator Installation Package to help ensure that you and your family are not left in the cold when those unexpected power outages hit.

Vancity electric will work with you to decide which size of generator is right for you and your home. We have done generators that will back up your entire home. We have also set it up so that you can use something that you already own, like your camping generator that might power up a few key circuits.

Together we select the circuits that you would like to have on when the power goes out. In our experience, families typically select:

  1. Furnace Power

  2. Fridges

  3. Freezers

  4. A few key lights

Vancity Electric then installs a generator panel beside (or close to) your main panel and moves over the selected circuits. Depending on the package you choose, Vancity Electric may also install a generator plug. You would simply plug in your generator to this plug and fire up your house!

Get in touch to today learn more about what package is best for you! We have included one package option below.

Home Generator Set up Package